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About Us
About Us is a small business which links to some of the better free webcam sites that we find. It also links to 15.3p per minute phone sex lines too. Having been in the industry we know that the only difference between the lines running at 15.3p a minute and the ones at £1.53 per minute is the cost. Often the stories are EXACTLY the same.

How do we know?

We have produced a few hundred of them and used them for our own services and licenced them for other people to use too. Chances are if you listen to sexlines in the UK, there is a sporting chance you have listened to some of ours.

As we are now about offering the best possible value however, our stories are now available at the fab price of just 15.3p a minute - or put another way, you can pump your dick for six minutes and STILL pay less than £1.

Do you have an adult website that would like to earn money advertising our telephone lines - if so please contact us.

Alternatively if you operate a webcame system that allows people to watch for FREE without needing to use credit cards etc, then let us know and once we have checked you out, we will probably list you here. Affiliate links of course are always appreciated in case any of our site visitors decide to pay for enhanced service / features.

So, drop us a line and tell us what you think